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Road Trip: Johor Bahru . Port Klang . Sekinchan . Ipoh . Penang . Butterworth . Muar . Johor Bahru Part 2/4 开车旅游: 柔佛新山。巴生。适耕庄。怡保。槟城。北海。麻坡。柔佛新山 2/4

Visited: 2014 Apr

Woke up early to Yum Cha (Drink Tea /Dim Sum) 饮茶 while the sky was dark.

We wanted to try the popular Foh San Restaurant 富山茶楼, but they open at 6:30am. Too bad, next trip then. (Neu Tea looking hopelessly at the shut gate)

Just across the street, is the Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum 明阁香港点心, which we like from our visit in 2013. It was opened and ready to feed our hungry stomach :)

With that, we set out for Penang, our next stop in this trip. It is the first time we are driving in and there was an air of excitement.  Before we get there, there was a AES camera that flashed at us, but we were travelling at 105km/h, it must be the car on the right lane that sped. I was too suprised to remember to smile, and to borrow the line from Captain Jack Sparrow, "You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow". 

Beautiful greenery, the mature trees that lined along the roads and view of the many hills against the blue sky and white clouds. We are thankful for the great weather during the entire trip.

I had a recommendation from FB Friend Raymond, to try the Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 at Genting Cafe 云顶餐室 after crossing the Penang Bridge. Fate has it that I had to miss this as they were closed for the duration that we were there (visited on my last day and still no luck). 

With the fine weather, we visited Batu Ferringhi Beach and found that we almost had the stretch, we were in, to ourselves. Clean, white fine sand and it was such a pleasure to walk on them. The sea water was as clean and we can see small fishes swimming in it. Both if us were in love with this place and left our foot prints behind. The sun also left us with sun burns, ha ha ha.

There are many nice hotels and restaurants, drinking holes along Batu Ferringhi Beach and this Ship caught our eyes.

But we already planned to visit another Tei, our favourite Sushi Tei and had to pass the opportunity to dine in an "ancient" ship.

After lunch, we did some shopping here and bought gum for the return drive without stop to Johor Bahru over for the night. I have not chewed gummy since ...

Tea break time. We visited one of the popular shops for biscuits, Ming Xiang Tai 名香泰饼家 to try the Egg Tarts and peah (biscuits).

We found out that in Georgetown, many food and sights are near to each other, such that it is feasible to walk, cycle or hire a trishaw. One can rent a motorbike too. Next trip, perhaps. Next comes the famous Cendol.

The tallest building here, Komtar, towering over the shop houses, was a good guide for us to walk around, well, of course we have our smartphone with maps too. 

Pasar Chowrasta is known for selling preserved fruits / bee kiam / kiam sng dee Jeruk 咸酸甜 and market stuff. Mrs Tea had a shopping list for the stuff here :)

We had a hard time locating Leong Chee Kee 梁池记老饼家 as they were off the main road. 

We were too late when when we reached Cintra Street Food Corner 日本街肉粽茶餐室, they were already cleaning up for the day.

There were many interesting sights as we walked along the streets. This trip we did not had time to look for the famous murals but did see some others. 

FB Friend Jason had recommended trying our the ferry to and fro Butterworth, to enjoy the skylines of both Penang and Butterworth. Sunset and Night views, with the sea breeze, it was a pleasant experience. The Penang Bridge is also visible, in the distant.

I was not able to capture the night scenery well, doing a disservice to the actual views.

After the ferry ride, we tried out the public bus service, Rapid Penang and really enjoyed it as what Jason had shared. Polite and helpful bus captains / drivers, buses in good condition, air-conditioned, and tickets affordable, was a good option to go sight seeing in Penang. 

Dinner was Mala Steamboat at Lameizi 辣妹子.

to be continued ...

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