Saturday, 25 January 2014

Trying out new bread from Verbena Bakery in Kulai

Visited: 2014 Jan

Trying out new bread from Verbena Bakery in Kulai.

Verbena (Main)
Read more at my previous post:  for Address, Map and other varieties of bread.

What we like:

English Carrot Muffin Rm 2.80
We like this very much. It is soft to touch and moist on the inside without being oily. Can see the carrot bits in the photo, some spices and there is a faint, fragrant cinnamon smell with every bite till the last morsel. 

"Yokohama" Sweet Potato Bread Rm 2.30
This bread has been recommended by many FB Friends from FB Group [吃的平台]. 
External look not attractive but upon opening it into 2 halves, the "treasure" is revealed. A good portion of sweet potato filling that tasted just right in sweetness and softness. There are some big, whole red beans too. 
It is a bonus if one subscribes to the benefits of consuming charcoal bread. 
Mrs Tea like this.

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