We started to live in Johor Bahru in 2011. 

It is the start of a journey in Johor and the rest of Malaysia as we explore the food, shopping, interesting places and culture. This journey is an extended tour. 

As people of the current generation, the Internet is our library and meeting place with teachers, friends where we can learn and interact with. 

Information while abundant, can be sparsely located and need some searching and sorting. This blog will help us in recording our exploration and more importantly, leave a trail to share with fellow travelers who may hopefully find it useful.

探美食是 “一辈子的工程”。 没有 “完工” 的一天, 直到 失去尝美食的能力。

Facebook Groups have been very helpful too. I started one too. Do join us and share with us your food exploration. 

Ho Liao Food Group 好料美食群

Free Apps that I use, just need a smartphone and data plan:

Google Maps

Equip oneself with the tools for exploration, explore and share your information, just like how other contributors have done so continuously to benefit others.

UPDATE 2015 Jun 14
I will use this blog to make notes as well, not just to share information on food places. It will look messy like a personal work space. Using search and the categories will help one to locate information. 

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All meals were paid for with my own money and dine incognito. We do not accept invites, sponsored meals. But we welcome information on new openings and places that we have not blogged about. 

We can be reached at neutea@outlook.com 
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