Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Xu Jun Sheng (Long Ji) 许俊盛 (隆记)

Visited: 2014 Apr

Xu Jun Sheng (Long Ji) 许俊盛 (隆记) 
121 Joo Chiat Rd, 

Singapore 427410.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.313553,103.899512
Open 营业时间:  Mon, Tue, Thurs - Sat 11am to 3:30pm 
and 5:30pm to 9pm
Sun 10:30am to 3:30pm 
Rest on Wed                     
Tel: +65 6348 0973  

Wifi: No
Parking: Road side parking lots, uses parking coupons
Prices in Menu: Nett

UPDATE: (Apr 2014) This shop has already ceased operation.

I got to know this place after reading Dr Leslie Tay's Facebook post that this place will be closing on 14 April 2014. With just 2 weeks left to try and enjoy the food, I quickly apply leave and brave The Johor-Singapore Causeway frustrating traffic jams (recently about 1.5 hrs just to clear).

It is a well worth trip. The food was very much to our liking, regrettably that it will not be around soon. We also had a great time strolling the Joo Chiat shop lots and immersed into the food culture and beautiful conserved shop houses.  

What we like:

The place was bright and comfortable. Staff were friendly.

Orders were placed by marking on a paper order form just like the following:

Mrs Tea loved this fish cake very much. Chopped Dang Cai 冬菜, Spring Onions 葱 and Chilli 辣椒were added to give taste and a colorful look. The texture was very pleasing 讨喜.

Steamed Traditional Fish Cake 鱼饼  S$1.00 /pc

The pork belly was cooked perfectly that it is not exaggerating to say each piece melted in my mouth. The combo of skin, fats and lean meat in each piece was just great! It was braised just right with a nice Star Anise / Ba Jiao / 八角 aroma all over.

Pork Belly 卤扣肉 S$3.00 (small)

This dish was served with big fresh prawns cooked with smooth bean curd in a gravy that reminded me of those that comes with Hor Fun 河粉.

Teochew Style Prawns with Bean curd 潮州式豆腐虾 S$ 10.00 (Small)
Prawn roll was nice and big. While I like the version from another place, this version was nice too. I also prefer the sweet tasting, brown in color and addictive dip rather than the one here.

Traditional Prawn Roll 特制五香 S$ 6.00 / roll

Porridge 粥 S$ 0.60 / bowl
If I can still apply for leave soon, I will like to try their steamed fish, white bait omelette, braised pig trotters and crab in my next and probably last visit before they close. You may want to make time to visit too.

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