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Wen Hua Restoran 文华楼

Visited: 2013 Oct

Wen Hua Restoran 文华楼
岁月记忆  美食传奇  回味无穷  香飘万里
(diagonally opposite Just Want Coffee - Molek, previously Peking Restaurant shop lots)
2 & 4, Jalan Molek 1/9,
Taman Molek, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.530581,103.791194
Open 营业时间: 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 10pm. Daily.                      
Tel: +60 7 355 4889 Fax: +60 7 361 6253
       Kelly Chung 钟慧婷 +60 14 912 9230 

Wifi: Free
Parking: Road side parking lots, uses parking coupon. Restaurant does provide, complimentary.
Prices in Menu: +3% Service Charge +6% GST (UPDATED 2015Nov)
Payment: Credit Cards accepted for bill total Rm 50 & above.
Corkage: No  

What we like:
It was our first visit here, so we went along with the recommended dishes.

It was so good that we came back to try other dishes.

Pepper Salted Crayfish 椒盐虾婆 Rm 66.00 (Seasonal Price 时价: Rm 90/kg)
Captain told us that they have big Crayfish that day, so we decided to try them, as featured in the papers. 
The crayfish were indeed meaty and their size were slightly bigger than the lobsters we had at Char Grill Bar
The flesh was succulent, fresh, while the batter was fragrantly crispy. There were lots of fried little bits mix of batter, onion, I think and tasted of salt and pepper, which went well with the plain rice. 


SinChew 星洲网:

Braised Dry Seafood with Prawn Meat & Mushroom 海味一品煲 (S 小)  Rm 40.00
The dry seafood and prawn were braised just right, not too salty and of the right bite and texture. We were very satisfied with this dish. 

Fried "Vegetaria Tau Ken" with Gingko Nuts & Spinach 白果豆根菠菜 (S 小) Rm 12.00
We were looking forward to trying out this dish, simple but yet popular. We had our answer as it was being served. You can smell the fragrance 1 table away. The Tau Ken was crispy on the surface and soft on the inside. Spinach was soft and suitably flavored with the gravy Another yummy dish.

Interior decor was nice.

Service was attentive, friendly. Captain was knowledgeable and was able to recommend dishes. Waiting staff were dressed in smart uniforms. It is a restaurant and I had the feeling I was in one, unlike some places that try to pass themselves off as one. This is a place that one can entertain clients, bring their friends and loved ones to enjoy.

Cutlery, sauce containers were clean and filled, red-cut chilli fresh.
Table cloth nice and clean, chairs were comfortable.

It was comfortably cooled by the air-con, while the day curtains blocked out the glare from the sun, very nice. Comfortable dining environment.

Private Rooms available.
Level 2 dining space.

A ramp for the convenience of handicapped and prams.

Complimentary parking coupon (s).

What we don't like:
Chinese Tea has no fragrance and tasted weak.

Lack of sheltered drop off point, a much appreciated feature when hosting banquets.

No chopsticks and spoon rest, and I am surprised that the cutlery were plastic instead of porcelain. 

Floor was tiled (good) but it would have improved on the ambience with carpet.

Facade while well maintained, need a revamp to look fresh.

Also Available:
Full Menu (please refer to Photos, can click to enlarge photos)

Banquet, Catering.




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