Monday, 25 November 2013

The Making of Watermelon Slushie @Private Dining

The Making of Watermelon Slushie
@Private Dining

Watermelon was on promotion at Tesco, so we bought one. 

Then, the same old question on how to choose one juicy, sweet, ripened and beautiful Watermelon? 

I have seen customers carting away 3 shopping carts fully loaded with them. I pretended to choose near him, trying to learn from the expert as he flicked his finger on the Watermelons. The sound it made was the test, it seemed to me.

Of course I put my newly acquired "skill" to work and picked a normal watermelon that day, you know, not too good, not too bad kind. 

Many moons later, today, at this promotion, I re-learned this skill from another fellow customer who bought 2 confidently. This time it worked, I picked a winner as it was juicy, sweet, ripened and beautiful. 

To further affirm the art of choosing, I consulted my teacher, Google and this was one of the search results.
Fifteen Spatulas
How To Pick A Superstar Watermelon
Joanne even showed the making of a Watermelon Slushie. 
Mrs Tea went on to do the same, with a new way of cutting up a watermelon and a new way to enjoy the watermelon.

We made Instagram Videos of the process, the resulting Slushie was quite a success. 

The Cutting Process

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