Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Day & 100,000 pageviews!

Happy Thanksgiving Day & 100,000 pageviews!

Enjoy this Awesome Fireworks Show.
Credits to Armadillo1991

I started this blog to better organise the information we gathered in our little trips and food exploration. Foursquare is a good app to do so, except that it lacks the functions that a blog provides.

In 2011 through 2012, there were much less Facebook Groups on food and also the information shared were incomplete, most of the time. Besides, it is not always easy to search for an old post. So, I had hoped that this blog can serve where Facebook Group posts and Foursquare cannot. 

In 2013, things improved greatly and sharing has been fast and furious, with more complete information provided by the person that posted. Whatever incomplete information will be quickly provided by other users in the group. This is awesome, a far cry from the "trying old days".

With this development, I increasingly ask myself if there is still a purpose for this blog to continue. After a few weeks of deliberation, the answer is no. 

To delete or take offline, I will lose my past posts. Hence, it will be kept as it is. But, my food exploration, road trips continues. For keeping notes and memories, I will continue to post as and when possible, just not as often, or as complete as before. It maybe just a title and photos, without information. 

Quite a change from the current.

Enjoy life, appreciate life.

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