Sunday, 6 October 2013

First visit to Liang Chen Restoran 粮城海鲜楼 @Taman Perling

Liang Chen Restoran 粮城海鲜楼 
No, 2-4, Jalan Simbang, 

Taman Perling, 81200, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Approximate Google Maps Coordinates: 1.493891,103.67875
Open: 11am to 2:30pm and 5:30pm to 11:45pm. (Mon - Fri)
          11am to 11:45pm (Sat & Sun)
营业时间:早上11点 至 下午2:30 和 傍晚5:30 至 晚上11:45 (星期一至五)
                  早上11点 至  晚上11:45 (星期六和日)
Tel: +60 7 234 7900

Wifi: No
Parking: open air parking lots, free
Prices in Menu: +10% Service Charge
Air-Conditioned Dining 

Appetiser is deliciously appetising, fried beancurd, onions and ikan bilis in sweet and sourish sauce. Rm 3.00

Steamed Garlic La La Rm 18.00 (natural sweetness, with generous minced garlic, nice)

Nyonya Sotong Rm 15.00 (did not taste like Nyonya style, was sweet and sourish and pretty delicious. Squid was fresh and cooked till just right.

Deep Fried Crab with Salted Egg 2 Crabs for Rm60.00 (lots of the salted egg white used (Photo). Sweet and Salty combo, was very good to go with plain rice. Maybe the crabs were fried a little over, resulting in the flesh being dry and also stucked to the shell. The crabs were not big, so this dish is more for enjoying the taste than the flesh.

After the meal, a saucer of complementary Guava slices were served. They were tasty.

Thanks to both Wong Huey Shin and Jenny Yap for recommending this restaurant.

择个良辰吉日 晃到粮城试吃
没点龙虾鱼翅 只点招牌来试
前菜 Appetiser 是酸甜豆干江鱼仔 = 很开胃, 好吃。
蒜蓉蒸啦啦 Steamed Garlic La La Rm 18.00 = 鲜甜,蒜蓉很舍得给, 好吃。
Nyonya 苏东 Nyonya Sotong Rm 15.00 = 不觉得像Nyonya, 但是酸甜蛮好吃。 苏东新鲜, 不会煮到太老。
咸蛋奶油螃蟹Deep Fried Crab with Salted Egg 2只Rm60.00 = 用了好多咸蛋白(Photo) 咸甜的配搭很下饭。 可能油炸所以蟹肉比较干,也粘上壳。螃蟹不大, 所以比较吃味道而不是肉。
饭后小吃 石榴片Guava Slices. = 好吃

谢谢Wong Huey Shin, Jenny Yap 的介绍,我到这家海鲜楼试吃。

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