Monday, 12 August 2013

Durian Buffet @ Johor Jaya 榴莲不肥 @ 柔佛再也

Durian Buffet @ Johor Jaya 榴莲不肥 @ 柔佛再也
大山芭老树榴莲  Durian Kampung Hutan Tinggi 
(open air carpark in front of Bus Terminal) 
(巴士终站的前面, 露天停车场)
Jalan Dedap 14
Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia ‎
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.542494,103.799597
Tel: +60 16 766 6092 Jack (Yi Foon Trading) 
Open: 12:30pm till 11pm or sold out. Daily
营业时间:中午12:30 到 晚上11点 或售完为止。每天营业。 

Kampung Durian Buffet 山芭榴莲不肥:
Adult 成人: Rm 10/head
Children 小孩: Rm 5/head  (Below 12 yrs old / 12岁以下)  

Cultivar Durian Buffet 名种榴莲不肥:
Adult 成人: Rm 30/head 
Children 小孩: Rm 15/head (Below 12 yrs old / 12岁以下)  

After watching Fatbook 2 and the recommendation by FB Friend Patrick, I think to myself, all these years of durian feasting, I have not experienced Durian Buffet before. I stiffened by heart and decided to ask my buddies to join me in this experience.

Drinking water and paper towels provided. The stall will continue to open up durians and leave them on the table for us to eat to our fill. A mix of bitter and sweet, we are having a game with luck. Towards the end of the buffet, as in any other buffet, the end game is the same. There is this feeling that the stall is supplying durians and we are providing our stomach as "incinerators". We, alone, have to decide when to "raise the white flag".   

看了《非食不可2》和网友Patrick的介绍, 想想,尝榴莲的 “路上”,还真没有试过不肥。就把心一横,与好友们 [刘关张] 一道去体验。

有提供白水和纸巾。老板会一直把榴莲开了,放在桌上让我们 “吃个饱”。苦甜参半,与运气来场 “游戏”。吃到最后,就如一般不肥的 “下场” 收场。 店家出榴莲, 您出肚子。自己掂量何时 “举白旗”。



The video to watch:

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