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MWS 美味香面家

MWS 美味香面家
(in front of the shop is an Over Head Bridge) (店的前面是一座行人天桥)

(Tennis Academy is directly opposite, across the road)
Jalan Persisiran Perling 1
Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia ‎
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.481994,103.68551
Open: 8:30am to 5 pm. Rest on Mon.
营业时间:早上八点半 到 傍晚 五点。 休息:星期一
Free Wifi (fast speed)

I love Lor Mee (Noodle), to the level where I will miss it after a "prolong" period of absence. It is probably due to the everlasting impressions that I got during my childhood. Delicious food that one consume and the taste and memories just archived into the brain. 

After trying out a few places in Johor, I return to this place for Lor Mee and just have to proclaim that it is The Current Best Lor Mee in Johor (personal taste), as it suits my taste very well. 

Dark gravy with the aroma of five spice, ngoh hiang slices, fish cake slices and egg slices. The viscosity of the gravy is just right, not too watery not too thick. A sprinkle of dried shallots and spring onion to add additional  enjoyment of their fragrance. The noodle will be coated with the gravy with every mouthful till the last. Sambal Chilli and dark vinegar are added to own taste. I wish that they provide red cut chilli and chilli padi with minced garlic. It can be "solved" by bringing my own or take-away the Lor Mee and add these at home in comfort.
(Rm 4.50)

Curry Chicken Noodle or Rice is also another delicious offering here. Curry gravy is fragrant with the spices and lemak. Chicken pieces are tender and potatoes are cooked just right and not too hard nor too soft. 
Rm 6.50 (with Rice)

There is also Penang Prawn Noodle and Noodle Soup available here. I have not tried them.

我爱卤面,爱到如果“太久” 没吃会想念的程度。 [三岁定一生] 说的就是我这样的饮食习惯, 哈哈哈, 小时候尝到的美食,一辈子回味, 储存在脑海里。

我试吃了在柔佛的一些档, 然后再次回到这家吃。 我不禁的认为这是我的首选卤面(在柔佛)。它很合我的口味。

卤汁有香香的五香味。还有五香片,鱼饼片, 鸡蛋切片。卤汁的浓稠度适中,不会太水或太粘。撒了炸葱和葱花来提鲜。 每一口的面条满满的粘了卤汁,到最后一口。 随自己的喜爱, 加Sambal辣椒和黑醋来加强。

美中不足的是, 店家没有提供切红辣椒,小辣椒和蒜泥。 我想自备或外带卤面回家,再自己加上。
Rm 4.50

咖哩鸡 面或饭也是这家的另一道值得推荐的美食。 咖哩汁有浓郁的香料和椰奶香。 鸡块和马铃薯煮到入味,软硬恰恰好。
Rm 6.50 (with Rice) 


This is the song to go with:
听这首歌最好:     美味的想念

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