Sunday, 12 April 2015

ROTA Prawn Crackers / Keropok Udang ROTA

Tried: 2015 Apr

ROTA Prawn Crackers / Keropok Udang ROTA
Rm 1.25 / 60g pack
Available at major Hypermarts, Supermarkets, Grocery Shops in Malaysia.

I like Calbee Prawn Crackers (Original Flavor) but found out that it is not easily available in Johor Bahru. Some shops imported the Japan Version and cost more. 

Hence, whenever I crave for Calbee, I will head to Singapore. There was a post in the Facebook Group, Malaysia & Singapore Nice Food 新马两地的美食  about Calbee and FB Friend CDD shared with us another brand that she like, ROTA Prawn Crackers. 

As usual, I noted and intended to try when the chance arises. During our recent trip to Penang, I can't help but notice that a group of fashionably dressed and well groomed young people were sharing a pack of ROTA, while waiting for the flight. It was near dinner time and most people were having dinner except them. A packet, opened, placed in the middle of the table and they munched away happily. At that point, I became more determined to try when I am home.

During our first grocery trip, I bought and tried. It was delicious. Calbee tasted sweeter while ROTA has a balanced taste of sweet and savoury. Crunchiness and texture are on par. The other differentiation is the faint "bbq" aroma that ROTA had. 

I have added this to my growing Snack List. Enjoy!

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