Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lychee: FeiZiXiao Cultivar from China 荔枝: 妃子笑 品种 来之中国

Tasted: 2014 Jun

Lychee: FeiZiXiao Cultivar from China  荔枝: 妃子笑 品种 来之中国 

I come across this cultivar of Lychee at the Pasar Malam Taman Sutera (Mon) Night Market.
Unlike the usual red skin lychee that most of us are used to see, this cultivar's skin color is a mix of red and green and have the look of unripe fruit. 

The boss of the fruit stall had to repeatedly inform customers that they are ripe and sweet, a type from China.

I bought some to try and they are really sweet, juicy and have petite seed. Not a hint of sourness at all. A quick check with Google and the cultivar is as per the title above.

Rm 10/kg


The google serach also yield some more cultivars that I will be interested to try if I can find them in the market here.

糯米糍 and 桂味

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