Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sekinchan Fishing Village 适耕庄渔村, Redang Beach / Pantai Redang 热浪沙滩 and Sekin Hotel & Resort

Visited: 2014 Apr

Sekinchan Fishing Village 适耕庄渔村, Redang Beach / Pantai Redang 热浪沙滩 and Sekin Hotel & Resort
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 3.503441, 101.094429

Look out for directional signboards as below if you do not know the way.

So dreamy, actually my camera lens was misty :)

Rocked by the waves to an afternoon nap for a puppy.

More dogs resting in the shade, from the scorching sun.

Message in a bottle? Genie in a bottle? Or an irresponsible act by someone?

Fair bit of debris and rubbish washed ashore.

At the river mouth.

Guiding flags and the "path" of poles for the fishing boats.

Tree house for the "secret meetings" and a place to have a nap.

Out to work, fishing.

I don't think I can walk barefooted here.

Grainy sand, not the fine smooth kind one hoped for.


Favourite drink, any time, at a beach.

Advertisement for seafood.

That's our drink, we did returned to the hawker after we were done with it.

Wishing Tree 许愿树. If you want to, just get the red strip of red cloth from the temple next to the tree, write your wish on it and then cast it on the tree. Make a donation and pray for your wished to be granted.

Sekinchan Fishing Village 适耕庄渔村 in the area called Bagan, next to Redang Beach. Catch of the day were sold here, along the stretch. When we were there around noon, there were no activity. I am not sure what time the fishing boats are back with the day's catch, maybe the late afternoon to evening (4:30pm). There are also keropok to buy.

Sekin Hotel & Resort

A map of the attractions in Sekinchan can be downloaded from Sekinchan Map provided by

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