Friday, 2 May 2014

Road Trip: Johor Bahru . Port Klang . Sekinchan . Ipoh . Penang . Butterworth . Muar . Johor Bahru Part 4/4 开车旅游: 柔佛新山。巴生。适耕庄。怡保。槟城。北海。麻坡。柔佛新山 4/4

Visited: 2014 Apr

Today, will be my first drive from Penang to Johor Bahru without breaking the journey into 2 days. We revisited Genting Cafe to try the Chee Cheong Fun, but no luck. Instead we had Lor Mee and Mee Jawa. 

Knowing we will revisit Penang soon, we left in high spirits.

There were nice scenery along the North South highway, and especially in Ipoh. 

A short toilet break at one of the rest stops before heading to Muar for lunch and some shopping. Traffic was light.

Arrived at Coconut Garden Food Court 椰树园美食中心 by chance while searching for Meng Choon 明春食品. Too bad the Kway Chap Stall 粿什档 was resting till 1 May 2014. 

Our main reason was to visit Meng Choon for their Kuih Pintar 辫子酥. We love this snack very much.

In the same area, we saw another otak-otak brand and bought some to try. Fang Xiang Otak-Otak 芳香乌达 and then it is home sweet home, wrapping up this road trip of more than 1800 km by road. 

There many ways to travel to Penang, by van/car charter, coach bus, by rail, by air and by cruise ship. However, it is only a road trip that can afford multiple detours to the various interesting towns, villages and states. The nice driving experience is another motivation, for those who enjoy driving :) 

The End.

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