Monday, 5 May 2014

Paddy fields in Sekinchan 适耕庄的稻田 Part 1/2

Visited: 2014 Apr

Sekinchan 适耕庄
Jalan Parit 5,
45400, Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 3.504254,101.117299
Open 营业时间:  Daily              

Wifi: No
Parking: along the road side.

Click For Part 2/2
What we like:

Wide open space with green paddy fields with baby blue sky and with luck, white fluffy clouds. Breezy in the unblocked space. Herons and Egrets can be seen feasting and resting among the fields. 

Very relaxing to stroll here.

I will love to ride a bike here, feeling the wind in my face.


A part of the fields already had grains growing, I hope to be back during the mature stage, to enjoy the golden fields and the harvesting process.

Apple Snail eggs in pink.

What we don't like:
Some rubbish can be seen around the water banks.

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