Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Paddy fields in Sekinchan 适耕庄的稻田 Part 2/2

Visited: 2014 Apr

Click For Part 1/2

The "rejects"

More Snail Eggs. . .

Unknown tree that provided shade for many sparrows.

Some of these were stuck to my legs ... and brought to Ipoh. Now, this is "migration" or spreading the "seeds".

Missed grains or ...

Bridge has served its purpose and is now in "retirement".

From the "cockpit" of a sparrow, trying to land on the "runway"

Where the bridge ends, the path starts. Life is a Journey, where have you been?

Too late to see the bloom, but saw more snail eggs.

Unkown tree that bear fruits.

Maybe can row a sampan here?

"Blank Music Score" Where are the notes? The sparrows were there at times.

Reminded of a TVC that was filmed in Japan.

"Cable Car Lines"

Chinese Temple.

"Genie" turned into a wisp of "smoke" and vanished into the blue sky.

New crops grown here, in place of the trees that were removed.

"Babies" in the "nursery"

"Tulips" of Sekinchan.

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