Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Canton-i 香港粥面家 @Johor Bahru City Square

Visited: 2013 Jun

Canton-i 香港粥面家
J3-05, Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square
106 & 108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 

Bandar Johor Bahru, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.461249,103.763637

Open 营业时间:  11am to 9pm. Daily.                      
Tel: +60 7 222 6888

Wifi: No
Parking: Basement Car Park. Rm 2.00/hr before 6pm. RM 3.00 Flat after 6pm
Prices in Menu: +10% Service Charge +6% Govt. Tax

My original post in FB Group: 柔佛新山美食 on 2013Jun04

吃环境, 吃热闹, 我也吃了。 云吞还真不赖。
烧腊也点了 (三拼)。

Noodle not to my liking and full of alkaline coating.

Shrimp Wanton was really big and delicious.

Oily and unpleasant alkaline coating"washed-off" from the noodles, undrinkable.
 The soup was light in taste and no character.

  • Neu Tea 云吞好吃, 面就。。。汤。。。
  • Jane Lai 进去里面的价格都很atas..如果以云吞面的角度来讲。
  • Jane Lai 我那时候只是淡点云吞鸭面x3,云吞汤面x1, 一个猪肠粉,4杯热茶,rm110...真的很“便宜” ==
  • Neu Tea 吃环境, 吃热闹
  • Jane Lai 也对,所以我下次变乖了 XD
  • Wong Yoke Yian 云吞。。。我有买过一个冷冻的云吞~虾的~就已经很好吃了~哈哈
  • 在梦中 yoke~在哪里了呢?
  • Neu Tea 有牌子或名字吗?我可以试试。
  • Wong Yoke Yian 。。。几年前吃的。。。嫌有点贵~ 但是好吃哦~
    不记得名字~ 早期只有新加坡有~ 过后Malaysia才有~
  • Neu Tea 这个? http://www.cpshrimp.com/index.php?option=com_content...

    In business for more than 15 years, C.P. Food Products, Inc. is committed to bei...See More
  • Wong Yoke Yian yayaya~~~ 我不记得名字~ 但是是那个盒装我大概记得~
  • Jane Lai 不会有差吗?冷冻虾很“爽口” = =
  • Wong Yoke Yian 真的会爽口咯~ 我也没想到会不错吃列~ 以前买一盒要马币6.00++
  • 在梦中 yoke~谢谢你~我会去试看了~
  • Jane Lai 毕竟是冷冻的 ,所以就很脆 。现在外面好多大餐馆也是这样的了,虾都是脆脆==
  • Wong Yoke Yian 里面有汤的~ 你们试了再告诉我还好不好吃~
  • Wong Yoke Yian 哈哈哈~你试了再说。。。jane
  • Wong Yoke Yian 其实很少冷冻的东西敢挑战虾
    Cp既然是集团 自有他的信心 嘻嘻惜
  • Ben Lim Fresh wanton will always taste better Frozen.
  • Neu Tea 2nd best to fresh.
  • Wong Yoke Yian 哈哈哈。。。冷冻的可以放在家里 喜欢就吃嘛

  • We missed trying this at their KL Pavilion Branch. 
    This did not appeal to me, normal tasting at best.

  • Neu Tea 奶皇千层糕
  • Tan Yileng 這麼特別!光是看這名字就很不錯。味道ok嗎?
  • Neu Tea ok 而已。
  • Tan Yileng Opps有待考虑了!

  • Porridge in a Dim Sum place is one of my must order dish. 
    This version is average tasting.

    Presentation on this combination platter is really off. 

  • James Lee How much this plate cost?
  • Neu Tea Rm 36 +10% + 6%
  • James Lee Price not above average. How about the taste?
  • Neu Tea Roasted Pork good but elsewhere is equal, if not marginally better.
  • Neu Tea Char Siew average because not the type I like. The caramelised type and should be tender with good mix of fat.
  • Neu Tea Duck is pretty good, again, can get same or slightly better elsewhere.
  • Neu Tea Put together, if you are going there, CS, and want some roasted meat dish, can order. I won't specially make a trip to makan.
  • James Lee Then better try roast duck at TUTA opposite the market. for char Siew I the same as you mention. Should be semi fat and abit over roast on the fat.
  • Neu Tea Same taste!
  • James Lee Now buy 1 duck free half duck at RM48 only up to end of this month
  • Neu Tea 822 Roasted Duck at TUTA?
  • James Lee Yes you are right. Have you try this place
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