Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mid Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) 中秋节 2013 @Private Dining

Mid Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) 中秋节 @ Private Dining

Year after year we will be reminded of our nice childhood memories of carrying the paper lantern during the Mid Autumn Festival. As a kid, I was more focussed on the lantern than the story or the moon cakes. 

Mrs Tea and I had the same kind of paper lantern, The Fish. 

Children will "jio" each other to "parade" around the garden in an orderly manner, at first, and things started to go awry. 

Mine did not end well as being playful (read as naughty) children, we will attempt to sabotage our siblings, cousins and friends lanterns, to make it catch fire and burnt to bits. While the one that got burnt, cried and complained to adults, the other will laugh "evilly" and before long, all lanterns will burnt to ashes, and we will only left with candles to play with.

The plastic and electrical ones are so dull, we thought, but safe. (evil grin)

Will adults come out and relive these sweet memories? Start by buying one paper lantern and "jio" your friends to join you.

Sutera Mall

Johor Bahru City Square

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