Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Peanut King 花生王 Kacang Permata Krystal 全马独家水晶花生王

Peanut King 花生王
Kacang Permata Krystal 全马独家水晶花生王
Crystal Peanut Sdn Bhd
Huey Sey Enterprise
12, Jalan Cahaya Baru,
Taman BCB, 83700, Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 2.010046,103.069726
Open: 9am to 9pm, Daily.
营业时间:早上9点 到 晚上9点。 每天营业。
Tel: +60 7 467 9118
       +60 19 755 0118 S.K. Lee

[walk past, drive past, do not just passed] > rough translation

Thank you FB Friends Cheu Moon and Shing Sally, for introducing this place. I have noted it as usual but did not plan this visit into this road trip because it was an impromptu decision to have a fun drive and food exploration. We would not have used this route, but somehow fate has it for the car engine to experience a difficult start, so I just drive on and on to Test Drive, until Muar and U-turn to head home.

This is how I happened to "drive past" and "did not just passed", ending up as another tourist to visit this shop. There is a good range of local products in Peanut King. Free sampling before you buy. We were interested in 2 types, the Peanut Candy and Peanut Crackers. Not too hard to bite and chew, very crispy and delicious. Please note, the prices are high (in my mind it will be akin to paying a King's ransom, no pun intended). I just hope that I won't be infatuated with them.

There are also self-made skin care cream.

While taking photos, then I saw these printed on the paper bag [Peanut Peanut, Spend and then Fortune will Grow] >rough translation. 

In my heart, I really admire the Boss, amazing!


谢谢FB Friends Cheu Moon 和 Shing Sally的介绍。我是note了,却没编排在这次的公路旅行, 因为临时才决定开车去游玩和玩食。 也本不会走这条路线,阴差阳错的车子不好发动,就随缘的顺着路Test Drive, test 到麻坡才U-turn回家。

就这样我“路过”,没有“错过”,也当上了游客。花生王店里可以试吃才买。土产选择多,我们对很好吃的花生糖和米饼(米通)有兴趣, 都不会太硬,脆脆的又爽口。注意了,价钱很高(对各人而言) 。希望我不会迷恋上它们。


在拍照时,才看到 [花生花生花了财会生], 心里佩服老板好厉害!



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