Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tong Hup Restaurant 同合心小食馆

Tong Hup Restaurant 同合心小食馆
(Opposite Bamboo Garden Kopitiam and Green Feel Restaurant)
(小竹林美食阁 和 菩提林素食料理餐厅 的对面) 
6, Jalan Permas 10/5,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750, Masai, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.497739,103.815074
Open: 11am to 10pm. Rest Day to be decided after Hari Raya 2013. (every alternate week)
营业时间:早上 十一点 到 晚上 十点。 休息日还没定下。
Visited in 2013Aug

Claypot Curry Fish Head (Small) Rm 19.00 Nett
This was served with the gravy still bubbling hot, I like it this way. The claypot keeps the food warm till being finished.
There are a lot of vegetables in this and also fried beancurd skin. It is a half head and is small enough for one person to finish it on his own.
The curry gravy tasted sweet and spicy, and is slightly lemak. It goes with plain rice well. 

Claypot Yellow Wine Chicken and plain rice Rm 8.90 Nett
The special part is the egg omelette. The yellow wine chicken soup has good taste, I love it. This is a one person portion and has black fungus in it. 

Also serves: 
Nasi Biryani, Nasi Kampung, Fried Rice, various Vegetables stir-fry, etc

砂煲咖哩鱼头 (小) Rm 19.00 Nett
滚烫烫的端来,我就喜欢这样。 砂煲也能保温到吃完。 
好多菜和炸豆腐皮。 半边鱼头,比较小,一个人都能吃完。 咖哩汁微辣,有椰奶味,属甜辣口味。蛮下饭的。

砂煲黄酒鸡饭 Rm 8.90 Nett
特别的地方就是有煎蛋饼。 黄酒鸡汤够味, 我很喜欢。 这是一人的份量。 有黑木耳。

黄姜饭, Nasi Kampung, 炒饭, 炒小菜, 等等。

The song to go with:
听这首歌最好:           一百萬

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