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Sarawak Kuching Laksa & Kolo Mee 砂朥越古晋叻沙&哥罗面 @ Seri Kampung Kopitiam 家乡咖啡坊

Sarawak Kuching Laksa & Kolo Mee 
@ Seri Kampung Kopitiam家乡咖啡坊
at corner of Jalan Perkasa 1 and Jalan Perkasa 4
Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.508641,103.649123
Open: 7am to 2pm. Rest on alternate Fri.
营业时间:早上7点 到 下午2点。 

Kolo Mee Rm 4.00 (white version)
While this version does not have the fragrance our favourite version in Pelangi has, it has its likeable characteristics. The sauce used to stir mix with the noodles is an appetising mix of ketchup and chilli. The noodles texture is springy in bite. Char Siew slices are of thickness that still affords chewing.

Sarawak Kuching Laksa Rm 6.00
It has strong spice aroma, which may not go so with some, such as me. Once the sambal chilli and lime juice are added, the bowl of laksa becomes very enjoyable. This taste is a first experience for me, while I have other Sarawak Laksa trials, I really do not know what is authentic. 

The small prawns were a surprise too, so naturally sweet. It reminded me of the sweet kelong prawns I had when I was still a kid. There are also shredded chicken in it.

The kopitiam was playing Hokkien MV to entertain everyone, interesting.

哥罗面 Rm 4.00 (白的)
虽然这家的版本没有加了香油 (我们喜欢的在Pelangi, 有香油), 他有自己讨喜的强点。 用了茄汁和辣椒来干捞, 很开胃。 面条也有弹性。叉烧片的厚度有嚼劲。

砂朥越古晋叻沙 Rm 6.00
汤汁有浓郁的香料味, 有些人也许不习惯, 我就是例子。加了Sambal辣椒和酸甘汁后, 这碗叻沙变得很美味。我尝过几个版本的砂朥越叻沙,这口味还是第一次。我真的不知道怎样才是正宗。

小虾有惊喜, 好鲜甜啊!我想起小时候吃过的鲜甜奎笼虾。 还有鸡丝。


Other stalls in the kopitiam: 在咖啡店里的其他档:

  • 万里香烧腊 (Open: 7:45am to Lunch)
      鸡饭, 烧肉饭, 叉烧饭  Promotion Rm2.50 
      (一般的口感, 份量实惠)
  • 加影辣面汤
  • 经济米粉和椰浆饭
  • 杂菜饭
  • 鲍鱼粿條汤

The that was playing in the Kopitiam: 
咖啡店播放这首歌:                         ho say liao

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