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San Kee Braised Duck Rice Noodle Porridge (2nd Branch) 上记卤(第二分行)鸭饭 卤鸭面 鸭粥

San Kee Braised Duck Rice Noodle Porridge (2nd Branch)
上记(第二分行)卤鸭饭 卤鸭面 鸭粥

At Taman Johor Food Centre
Jalan Ledang
Taman Johor, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia ‎
Approxi. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.508397,103.690445
Open: 7:30am to 2:30pm. Daily, Rest Day not fixed.
营业时间:早上 七点半 到 下午 两点半。 每天营业,休息不定。
Visited in 2013Jul

Braised Duck Rice Rm 4.00. Additional Charge for added side order. (Pig Skin Rm 1.00 Pig Intestine Rm 1.00)

The braised duck meat is skillfully sliced into thin slices. I like it. The boss also remove the bones so that customers can enjoy in comfort. The duck meat is well marinated and tender to the bite, without any hint of the natural bad smell of the duck.

Pig skin is soft and without much bite. 

The duck rice is delicious and I plan to try the duck noodles in my next visit.

卤鸭饭 Rm 4.00 加料另计。(猪皮 Rm 1.00 猪肠 Rm1.00)

卤鸭肉切的薄, 我喜欢,而且去骨,让顾客吃得舒服。 卤鸭肉很入味,嫩,没有骚味。

猪皮属绵嫩口感, 没嚼劲。

好吃, 下回试卤鸭面。

The song to go with:
听这首歌最好:           鴨子

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