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Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Bahru

Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Bahru
20km, Jalan Pontian Lama, 

81110, Taman Pulai Perdana, Johor, Malaysia
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.554568,103.612722
Tel: +60 7 521 2121

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We just love the greenery, mature trees and wide open spaces. Once again we set off to such a haven, away from the bustling city.

As we turn into the Pulai Springs Resort Main Gate, we were treated to our favourite view. Tall, mature trees lining on two sides of the road, relaxes us immediately and we look forward to what awaits us inside.

The golf course is just next to the road, providing a nice landscape view of greens, shrubs and trees. Once we have parked, as usual I started snapping photos.

There are not many tourists and customers, so the environment is very serene and comfortable. While the building is showing its age, I can imagine its grandeur when it was opened. It is adorned with many carvings and well maintained. Let the photos bring you on a "tour". Enjoy!

喜欢绿绿的草原,成熟大树和广阔的空间的我们, 再次玩食到这么一个 “世外桃园”。

“小马”刚从大路转入Pulai Springs Resort的Main Gate, 就看到喜欢的画面。大树并排马路的两侧,心情立刻放松,好期待里面的风景。

高尔夫球场地就在这条路的旁边, 画面很有辰次。 把车停好, 就一如往常的开始拍照。

今天的游客不多, 环境幽静,很舒服。 建筑虽然看的出 “有岁数”,但是可以想象当年 “还年轻” 时的辉煌。 好多雕刻点缀, 保养的还不错。 就让照片带您 “游” Resort 吧。Enjoy!

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            大樹上還很空 你要不要陪我

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