Friday, 16 August 2013

La Cremeria by Nestle Ice Cream

La Cremeria by Nestle Ice Cream
Available at major hypermarkets, supermarkets.

One of the must stock item at home, especially during the hot stretch is Ice Cream.

Vanilla Cashew Delight is the flavor that we chose to try and it surprised us. It is creamy smooth and not too sweet. Good mix of vanilla and some chocolate ice cream. Chopped cashew nuts are well mixed into the ice cream. 

This box contains 4 individual cups of 100ml each, complete with the little spoon tucked beneath the cover. I cannot remember the exact price, it is about Rm 11 to 12, bought from Tesco. Great for rationing and little dessert after a meal.

There is another version in the form of a 1.2litre tub going at Rm 14.36 this week at Tesco. There is more "enjoyment" for each Rm.

家里必备的食物之一就是雪糕, 尤其热天气连连的时候。

我们选了 Vanilla Cashew Delight 口味来试。雪糕浓郁,幼滑且细, 不会太甜。香草和巧克力搭配的恰好,还有腰豆碎的口感。 

这盒里有四小杯(100ml),杯盖底下还有小汤匙。在Tesco买,不记得价钱, 好像Rm11 / Rm 12. 当饭后小甜点蛮不错, 或 “帮” 您节制的享用。

另一款是1.2litre的“桶装”。 这个礼拜Tesco促销价Rm 14.36. 比较划算多了。

The song to go with:
听这首歌最好:          浪花一朵朵

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