Friday, 16 August 2013

Fun Drive to Mersing & Cendol at Al Hamid Restoran 开车游丰盛港 和 Cendol at Al Hamid Restoran

Fun Drive to Mersing & Cendol at Al Hamid Restoran  
开车游丰盛港 和 Cendol at Al Hamid Restoran
Jalan Dato Mohd Ali,
Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor, Malaysia.

Approx. Google Maps: 2.430548,103.837301
Open: 24 Hrs, Cendol available only from 10am to 7pm. Daily
营业时间:24小时。 Cendol 有售卖时段 早上10点 到 晚上7点。每天营业。

On the way to Mersing, we passed by 强记and had a great breakfast there before continuing with the Road Trip. It is a straightforward drive to reach the beautiful Mersing, with the radio playing nice songs and enjoying the scenery along the way.

We went straight to the beach to photo shoot and capture our memories, convert them into eternity, digitally. It is great to look out into the sea horizon, it relaxes the mind.

There is an ATV rental booth on the beach. A few families were having their picnic. We noticed that a few drove to the beach to take a break, have a puff and left.

After this, we visited the popular Restoran Al Hamid for their Cendol.
Biasa Rm 1.50 Besar Rm 2.50
I find it delicious and effective in getting rid of the heat of the day. A perfect mix of the sweetness of Gula Melaka, richness of coconut milk, red beans and Cendol.  

离别在即,发动了引擎,与 “小马” 向东海岸奔去。虽然依依不舍,分离在所难免。让这次的公路旅行成为美好的回忆。播着好听的歌曲,欣赏沿途的美景,“小马” 把来回260Km +的公路 “吃到干干净净”。 我们会想你的。

路经强记,吃个早餐再继续。一路直上,轻松的到达美丽的丰盛港。 直接到海边拍照,捕捉画面,把它变成永恒。瞭望海面, 心情平复许多,也轻松了。

沙滩上有人经营ATV出租,也有一些人们在野餐。 一些还特地驾车到哪休息片刻,一根烟的时间。

拍完后,便到人气旺的Restoran Al Hamid尝Cendol.
Biasa Rm 1.50 Besar Rm 2.50
很好吃,解暑的好方式。Gula Melaka的香甜,椰奶的香滑,红豆和Cendol的完美搭配,一碗刚入肚, 炎热日子清凉度。

Version 1:
The song to go with:
听这首歌最好:         I'm Gonna Be

Version 2:
桌垫下的老照片 无数回忆连结

The song to go with:
听这首歌最好:             那些年


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