Saturday, 10 August 2013

D'art Cafe 艺术咖啡馆

D'art Cafe 艺术咖啡馆
(same location as the previous Nyonya Shiok)
58, Jalan Tropika 15,
Taman Tropika, 81000, Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.669433,103.57173
Tel: +60 7 663 2372
Open: 10am to 7pm Daily
营业时间:早上 十点 到 晚上 七点。 每天营业。
Menu Price are nett. 菜单的标价是实价。没有++

The cafe is located in a rather special place. It is housed under one roof with the developer's sales office. Being a showroom, it is situated away from other building and sit on an empty land, with many car park lots.

The exterior is decorated with nice plants, giving it an air of elegance, very easy on the eyes and inviting.

The interior continues the same elegance. The seating furniture are a mix of sofa corners, long dining table set and smaller table sets. Showroom bah.

Paintings adorned the walls, together with the view of the swaying bamboos outside, through the glass window, they conjure a beautiful painting itself. It just makes one want to carry themselves in a refined way, not unlike the way a library environment will affect one's speaking tone. One just don't want to spoil the ambience.

Take a break here, with friends, on a date, loved ones. Have a coffee, rest a while, be comfortable and once recharged, continue with the next stop in life.

地点蛮特别的,与发展商的Showroom同一屋檐下。有 “远离” 城市的感觉, 独一座落在一片空地, 停车位好多哦。


店内的布置延续了外观的典雅。 座位有好几种。 两个沙发角落,直背桌椅 和 家里的长型餐桌椅。 Showroom嘛。 

墙上挂的画添了艺术气息,与玻璃窗外随风摆动的竹子形成一副美丽的画。叫人的性情如何不文雅起来? 好比到了图书馆般,注意自己谈话的声量, 深怕破坏了气氛。

与好友,恋人, 爱人一起到这里喝杯咖啡,歇息片刻,舒缓一下, 充电后再继续到人生的下一站。

The song to go with:
听这首歌最好:Version 1 Helene   
                          Version 2 Hélène lyrics with english translation

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