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Restoran Happy Land 21 古来21苦瓜汤

Restoran Happy Land 21 古来21苦瓜汤
No. 60, Jalan Susur Kulai 5,
Taman Nam Tak, 81000, Kulaijaya, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.667262, 103.590886
Open 9:30am to 3:30pm and 5:45pm to 9:30pm. Rest on Mon
营业时间:早上九点半 到 下午三点半, 傍晚五点四十五分 到 晚上九点半。 
Tel: +60 7 663 1096

There are no prices printed on the menu, so I am naturally cautious in ordering. This meal cost a reasonable Rm 12.00, consisting of 1 bowl of Bitter Gourd Soup, 1 bowl of Rice, 1 plate of Fried Pork and 1 Drink.

The signature Bitter Gourd Soup taste delicious and different from other places that I have tasted. My attempted guess will be that it is due to the "wok hei" when the bitter gourd slices were pan fried before boiling with the soup and then served. Bitter Gourd slices is slightly more bitter than other places but it is still within my acceptance level (I am not that accustomed to bitter gourd) Pork Slices are tender enough without being unnaturally so. 

For me, the Fried Pork is the star in this meal. I find the same dish in other places to be saltish and too strong flavoured to my liking. This dish here changed my perspective. The excitement come from the crispiness of the pork without being tough to the chew. The taste is well balanced. I like this version best, so far.

Menu 里没有标上价钱,我自然的点菜比较谨慎。这餐很实惠,总数Rm 12.00 包括 一碗苦瓜汤,一碗饭, 一碟炸肉, 和一杯水。

招牌苦瓜汤的味道与别间不同。 有“镬气”。 我猜是苦瓜又清炒一下才加入汤一起滚一滚再上桌。 这家的苦瓜有比其他地方的稍微苦一些,但我还能接受 (我不是很能“吃苦”的)。猪肉片有嫩, 但不至于觉得“不自然”。

对我而言, 炸肉才是这餐的亮点。 我不喜欢别家的炸肉,觉得太重口味或太硬。 这碟炸肉改变了我的观点。惊喜来自它脆又不硬, 味道适中。 我最喜欢这个版本。


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听这首歌最好:      我吃的起苦

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