Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mee Desa 面之家

Mee Desa 面之家
755, Jalan Taib, 82000 Pontian, Johor, Malaysia
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.486584,103.38967
Tel: +60 12 764 8026
Open: 9:00am to 5:30pm. Daily.
营业时间:早上 九点 到 傍晚 五点半。 每天营业。

Thankful to FB Friend Dorcas for recommending this Noodle House to me, I was able to enjoy a delicious Wanton Noodle and a robust Claypot Tom Yum Noodle.

Wanton Noodle
The noodle is QQ to the bite, and there is a dash of sesame oil added to the dry version. It smells yummy. The Char Siew Slices are slightly thicker and it is chewy. The Wanton is really to my liking, bigger than usual, with dried flat fish mixed in for the tasty flavor, together with the minced pork, it is a highlight. The fish balls were off for me as I can detect the fishy smell in them. The soup os of clear type, with the seaweed gave it taste. Chilli sauce is not to my linking, of the sweet type. I plan to try the dry version tossed with tomato sauce in my next trip.

Claypot Tom Yum Noodle
For foodies that like strong, robust flavored Tom Yum, you will like this version. I like the punch in the soup, and with the Claypot maintaining the heat, my back was wet with perspiration after I finished the noodles. I find little ingredients in this, probably need to add on your own.

This shop also sells the raw noodle, wanton, wanton skin, etc.   

谢谢FB Friend Dorcas 的分享,我尝到了很好吃的云吞面和重口味的砂煲东炎面。

面条QQ的, 干面有淋了香油, 美味! 叉烧片比较厚, 有点嚼劲。再说那云吞,肉馅有参扁鱼干,咸香又吃到肉的鲜味, 棒!鱼圆就不理想, 有 “鱼” 味。汤就一般的清汤, 加了紫菜的鲜味。我不喜欢这里的辣椒酱, 属甜性。下次点干捞茄汁的试试。

喜欢重口味的食客就会喜欢。 我蛮喜欢它够味, 够劲,又有砂煲保持热度,吃到汗流浃背。 料就比较少,也许要自己加。

店家也有卖生面,云吞, 云吞皮, 等等。

The funny video to go with :
看这好笑短片最好:                Larva - Spaghetti     

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