Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory 協裕面包西菓厂

Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory 協裕面包西菓厂
13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee,
Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Approximate Google Maps Coordinates: 1.45672,103.764402
Open: 0800 to 1800 Hrs. Mon to Sat.
          0900 to 1300 Hrs. Sun.
Tel: +60 7 223 1703
FB Page:

In our ordinary life, there are no lack of things that touch us. Things that add some romanticism to our lives.

At our second stop today, we went to Hiap Joo for its traditional coconut bun, one that we have missed for 10 months. I like the freshly baked bun, so catching the timing is important. Normally, I will eat the “hot” buns on the spot, outside the bakery.

We decided to do it differently this time. Enjoy the warm buns, catching the breeze while sitting at Lido Beach. It is so satisfying to the soul, taste buds and gut. What a blessed life!

Just at this moment, a light rain started falling. It elevated the already perfect setting to a new high, with the surprise element. Breeze, Rain, and my dear with me to enjoy the oh so delicious Hiap Joo Traditional Coconut Bun.

Rm 3.00 for 5 buns.


今天的第二站, 就是想念了十个月的 [協裕] 传统椰丝面包。 我只爱吃刚出炉的, 所以时间的拿捏很重要。 一旦买到, 就会“就地正法” 的尝鲜。

今天有点不一样。 我们决定到Lido Beach 吹风,吃还热着的椰丝面包, 心灵, 味蕾和胃都得到滋润, 人生啊! 幸福啊!

就这时候, 下起小雨来,为原本完美的情景增添了多一份惊喜。有风,有雨,有伊人伴我享用美味的 [協裕] 传统椰丝面包。

Rm3.00 for 5 buns

A nice song to go with. 
 听这首歌最好:              Chun Yu Li Xi Guo De Tai Yang     

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