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Food Stalls 美食档 @ Restoran Hup Heng 合兴海鲜饭店

Food Stalls 美食档
Restoran Hup Heng 合兴海鲜饭店
Persisiran Perling
Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia ‎
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.497516,103.680424
Open: 7:00am onwards
营业时间:早上 七点 开始

玲记 Fried Carrot Cake
Rm 3.00 The lady boss is friendly. The carrot cake is fried evenly, has nice fragrance, egg and Cai Por (preserved turnip). But, I don't fancy soft carrot cake.

Stir Fry (Rest on Mon)
I had the Hokkien Noodle. Rm 4.00. Quite delicious, with peppery taste and lots of minced garlic. Although, there are no visible lard, I can smell the nice fragrance in the noodles.

Economical Bee Hoon
The fried noodle and bee hoon is ordinary until you add in the curry gravy. It becomes not bad. The sambal chilli is special, spicy and has onions. 
If you dine in, just order with Aunty / Uncle, and find a seat. He will bring your order to you. 
I also tried the Chicken (Photo), it tasted sweet and spicy with a strong taste of ginger. Rm 1.00/pc.

Penang Fried Kway Teow is being posted here

新山和明记 Wanton Noodle
I did not try this.

Rm 3.00 老板娘友善。 炒的均匀, 有香气, 蛋和菜圃。 可惜我不喜欢太软绵的菜头粿。

小炒 (休息:星期一)
点了福建小面。 Rm 4.00. 不错吃。 有胡椒味,和蛮多的蒜蓉。 虽然没有猪油渣, 可以吃到猪油渣的香味。

炒面和米粉一般。 淋上咖哩汁就变不错吃了。辣椒酱有特色, 有洋葱而且蛮辣的。 
如果堂食, 跟Aunty / Uncle 点了就可以。 他会端给您。
我还试了鸡块 (Photo), 甜辣口味, 还有蛮强的姜味。 Rm 1.00/pc

槟城炒粿條 在这  介绍了。


This song to go with:  
听这首歌最好:          潮州歌曲咖啡店

玲记 Fried Carrot Cake 玲记菜头粿
玲记 Fried Carrot Cake 玲记菜头粿

Stir Fry 小炒

Economical Bee Hoon 经济米粉

Chicken 鸡块

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