Friday, 1 January 2016

Kim Chi & BBQ Korean Restaurant in Taman Pelangi

Visited: 2016 Jan

Kim Chi & BBQ Korean Restaurant
No. 37 & 39, Jalan Perang, 
Taman Pelangi, 80400, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.482067, 103.773960
Open 营业时间: 11am to 11pm. Rest day: Not Sure                      
Tel: +60 7 332 3700 / +60 7 334 2700 
        Park Sang Jun +60 17 724 4903

Wifi: Yes, Free
Parking: Road side parking lots, use parking coupons
Prices in Menu: +6% GST  

Finally we visited this place after reading many posts about it. We liked and have been visiting Nam Moon just a few doors away. 

Kim Chi & BBQ used to be located at the opposite side of this road. (I am not sure if the previous place is still in operation). Being a recent move, the exterior and interior are still new and nice. Once inside, we were greeted as per the norm and ushered to our table. 

The first thing that we noticed, was the missing air suctions that dangled from the ceiling for each table. It is kind of the must have in any Korean BBQ restaurants, to keep the patrons from smelling like a walking BBQ meat when they leave the place. 

The layout of the dining space is well planned, designed and afforded much privacy with the high back booths, low partitions and decorative walls. The ambience is cosy but alas, the air-con was under power during our visit and it was kind of warm.

Service is prompt and friendly. There is a call button at each table.

After placing our order, the side dishes were served. This was steamed egg in a cup for each person. 

Eight dishes and refillable. They were average, and none were nice enough for us to repeat. 

Pig's Feet Salad Rm 29.00 (Small) 
This was new to us and we decided to try. It was served, beautifully arranged, on a platter with the variety of vegetables and jellyfish strips beneath the slices of pig's feet. Being a salad, it is a cold dish. The salad dressing was at the base of the platter and it tasted really good. Sweet, sour and has wasabi in it. 

Each slice of pig's feet was a good combo of meat, fat and skin. It tasted remotely similar to the Chinese version of Braised Pork.

The dollop of condiment in the spoon like mini dish was an expression of cincalok and it was salty to taste. Unlike the sweet sourish and savoury version that we are accustomed to. 

While I prefer to enjoy the slices of pig's feet on its own, I also tried to put a bit of every veggie and jelly fish on it and rolled them together to form a mouthful, and it was another dimension of enjoyment.

Stir Fried Squid Rm 25.00
We prefer the version from Jang Won. The squid was overcooked and not fresh. The chilli gravy did not tasted as nice.

Seafood Green Onion Pancake Rm 25.00
The version here is our newly crowned "Best Seafood Pancake" in our own list. Fragrant, thin and crispy, with excellent mouth feel. The dip was balanced in taste and helped to enhance the pancake and gave us a second enjoyment. I will recommend this as a must try dish. 

Complimentary fruit and mochi (red bean). I still prefer they provide Sujeonggwa. 

Big signboard and frontage that one will find it hard to miss.

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