Friday, 5 June 2015

Whisky Ice Ball Maker bought from DAISO

Tried: 2015 Jun

Whisky Ice Ball Maker bought from DAISO

Ever since I watched how elegant it can be from this video, it has been added to my "to-get" checklist. 

Hibiki 17 Years with Ice Ball

It is said that the ice ball melts slower than smaller ice cubes, allowing the whisky to be enjoyed without being too watery or diluted by the ice water. 

To my delight, I came across an Ice Ball Maker in Daiso (Aeon Bukit Indah) and bought it to try. It works, not as elegant but it is the closest I can get and it is price friendly at Rm 5.30 (incl. GST)

I have tried my whisky with the Ice Ball and found that it elegant. It definitely melted slower than multiple smaller ice cubes. It offers a different enjoyment in style, taste and pace.

Alternatively, I googled and found this. It is available for sale in several countries, including Malaysia.

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