Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Taman Rekreasi Pantai Rambah Pontian [Pontian Rambah Beach Recreation Park / 笨珍Rambah海滨休闲公园]

Visited: 2013Nov

Taman Rekreasi Pantai Rambah Pontian 
[Pontian Rambah Beach Recreation Park / 笨珍Rambah海滨休闲公园]
(next to Muzium Bugis)
off Federal Route 95
Kampung Parit Bilal, 82000, Pontian, Johor, Malaysia. 
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.427882,103.411022
Open 营业时间: 24 Hrs. Daily

Wifi: No
Parking: Open air car park, free.

Drink Stall 
Open 营业时间: 10am to 8pm. Daily
Cold Canned Drink Rm 1.50
Served Hot and Cold drinks, Tidbits 零食 and Pudding 布丁

Muzium Bugis 
Read more at: Facebook Page

Food Stalls next to Muzium Bugis
They were closed when we were there before lunch time. 

This is a recreation park off the Federal Route 95. It has a children's playground, an exercise area (just like an outdoor gym). The Muzium Bugis is also sited here.  Next to the Muzium will be the river mouth of Sungai Rambah, flowing into The Malacca Strait. 

Lots of shade provided by the trees, keeping the seaside park cool and with the nice sea breeze blowing, it was very comfortable to relax there. With the therapeutic "music" by the waves lapping against the shore, it is easy to free one's mind of any stress.

Picnic, sit around, have a cold drink, some titbits or fishing. There is something to do for everyone. We spotted a Monitor Lizard swimming away in the river, many birds flying over the water, feasting their "catch of the day". 

I was glad that there were dustbins for park users to keep the place clean. 

There is a public toilet for use for a fee.

Muzium Bugis

Monitor Lizard spotted here

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