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South Buona Vista Road Famous Teochew Boneless Duck Rice 99湾驰名潮州起骨卤鸭饭

South Buona Vista Road Famous Teochew Boneless Duck Rice 
at Kim Leng Eating House 金山岭美食中心
16, Verdun Road Road,
Singapore 207279.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.310075,103.856348
Open: 10:30am to 3pm. Rest on Thur.
营业时间:早上 10:30 到 下午 3点。 休息:星期四
Date visited 2013Aug

26 March 2013, my spirits were low, because Mrs Tea and my personal Number 1 Duck Rice Shop will be closing for good on 20 June 2013. Not only the braised duck rice is delicious, the boss Mr Lim Seng Lee's chopping skill is legendary. After deboning the duck, he chopped the duck meat into the right thickness and every slice is a  clean cut and remains beautifully so. It makes enjoying the tender duck meat very comfortable. Read more at: The Straits Times

1 August 2013, SoShiok's article brought me hope. Our favourite duck rice has a new version that is very close to the original. Without procrastination, I applied leave to drive to the Lion City to try it out.

Must try:
Duck Meat
White Rice (with braised gravy)
Plain Porridge (with braised gravy) 
Spare Parts - Liver/Gizzard (I don't eat these elsewhere, it is tender here and zero odd smell)
Sambal Kangkong (Sambal delicious)

The verdict is, it is very delicious and really as close in quality as it can be to the original. The very slight differences we think are that it is slightly sweeter in taste and the chopping skill. 

We left very satisfied and happy with our meal. 

26 March 2013, 心情不好, 因为Mrs Tea和我的首选卤鸭饭将休业于20 June 2013. 鸭饭好吃,老板Mr Lim Seng Lee 的刀工更是一绝。 砍出来的鸭肉,去骨后还很美,厚度恰好, 吃起来好舒服的。Read more at: The Straits Times

1 August 2013, SoShiok 的报道,为我带来了希望。爱吃的卤鸭饭有了一个很接近的版本。于是,请了假期,开车到狮城去试。

于是我就这样试了 “三流” 的卤鸭饭。真的很好吃!!
一  流: 感动到流眼泪 (本以为失去的味道,找回了)

二  流: 等待时流口水 (点了后,等候实在煎熬啊!)

三  流: 齿颊流香 (吃完后,回味无穷)

白饭 (淋上卤汁)
白粥 (淋上卤汁)
内脏   (别家我都不吃, 很软又没有异味,超赞的)
马来风光 (Sambal 好吃)

味道很接近老店。 不同的是味道微甜,和刀工。我们吃到很满足,开心。

The Teochew song to go with:
听这首潮州歌最好:                  六个怪梦

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