Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tian Lai Seafood Garden 天来海鲜园

Tian Lai Seafood Garden 天来海鲜园
158, Jalan Ulu Choh, 
Gelang Patah, 81550, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. 
Tel +60 7 510 1521 
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.44844,103.58593 
Open: 11am to 10 pm. Rest on alternate Mon.
营业时间:早上十一点 到 晚上十点。 休息:每两个星期的星期一。

This is my 3rd visit to my favourite seafood restaurant. Grateful to FB Friends Jeff Tan and Eileen Liew for recommending the Sambal Crab and when to go for the crab roe.

I always love Black Pepper Crab, not easy to change my preference. This visit, I managed to break out of my habit and ordered the Sambal Crab. Auntie was nice to point out that this is not the Chilli Crab (Singapore Version) so as to be sure we were not confused when ordering. I chose the Rm 80/kg type, female crab, with roe. I was filled with anticipation.
Rm 112.00

When the crab is being served, I can already smell the fragrance of the Sambal. Sure enough, there were lots of crab roe. Sambal Chilli with dried shrimps were used to fry with the crabs, the resulting sambal paste is wonderfully delicious to go with white rice. The crab flesh is solid and not watery.

I also ordered the Honey Chicken Wings. Rm 10.00

After the meal, I felt that I had "tasted" Life. The ups and downs, the emotions as commonly compared to our senses of "sour, sweet, bitter, spicy" and "happiness, anger, sadness, joy".


Sour - Honey Chicken Wing's sourness (lime).
Sweet - Crab Meat's natural sweetness.
Bitter - Fending off the relentless attempts by houseflies, bitterly.
Spicy - Sambal Chilli's spiciness.

Happiness - Tried and like a new taste, happy.
Anger - Next table's fellow diners, trimming fingernails, angry.
Sadness - cannot feast here frequently, sad.
Joy - Sharing a meal with buddies, joy.

第三次到这家我喜欢的海鲜餐馆。 还是托了网友Jeff Tan和Eileen Liew的福, 介绍了辣子螃蟹和有蟹膏的螃蟹。

我常吃黑胡椒螃蟹,不容易换口味。 这次破格, 点了辣子螃蟹。Auntie说这是干的,不要与Chilli Crab (Singapore Version) 混淆。 选了Rm 80/kg 的螃蟹, 母的,有蟹膏。 好期待哦。Rm 112.00

当螃蟹端来时,香气扑鼻而来。 果然有好多蟹膏。 用了Sambal 辣椒, 虾米来炒,很是下饭。螃蟹肉饱满,不会水水。

还点了蜜汁鸡翅膀。Rm 10.00

享用了螃蟹,我有所感触,就象 "尝尽" 了人生。 觉得只能用 [辣],[乐] 来表达。


酸 - 蜜汁鸡翅膀的酸
甜 - 螃蟹肉的鲜甜
苦 - 苦苦的 “防” 苍蝇的纠缠
辣 - 辣椒的辣

喜 - 尝到了让我喜欢的新口味的惊喜
怒 - 看到隔壁桌的食客剪指甲,怒怒怒
哀 - 不能常常来吃,哀
乐 - 与好友刘关张聊天,乐

天天想你 天天問自己
到什麼時候才能告訴你 (我要吃螃蟹)

The song to go with:
听这首歌最好:       天天想你

To try on next visit:
- Curry Pork Ribs
- Sambal Lala
- Fish

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