Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Old Pasar Beef Noodles 老巴刹牛腩粉

Old Pasar Beef Noodles 老巴刹牛腩粉
in Kedai Kopi PKH (At corner of Jalan Mersing and Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor)
Jalan Mersing, Kampung Masjid Lama,
86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 2.03049,103.319933
Open: 7am to 1pm. Rest on Tue. 营业时间:早上七点 到 下午一点。 休息:星期二。

When Auntie was sending over my bowl of beef white noodles, I can already smell the fragrance of fried shallots, making me excited over this tasting. The beef slices and parts are tender and very well marinated. 

Even the peanuts are fresh and with every chew, the fragrance is being released into my mouth. The dark sauce used in the tossing of the white noodles is just right, while the white noodles has the bite that I like. 

Soup that came with it is clear and tasty without being saltish. Chilli sauce for the dipping is as expected to be of the sourish type used in many beef noodle stalls. 

Auntie is friendly and organised in her cooking, arrangement of ingredients in the stall. She keeps her place rather clean and hygienic.
Rm 5.00

Lyrics loosely translated [ Someday, if I have a pot belly, will you still love me? ] This is the song to go with: [如果有一天, 我有了大肚腩, 你是会否爱我依然?] 听这首歌最好:

当Auntie把牛肉粉端来时, 碗还没到, 一阵阵的炸葱油香味已经飘到我的鼻子嗅的到的范围。 心理难免兴奋起来。 

牛肉片软又很入味,花生新鲜,很脆,花生的香味随着咀嚼而散发出来。赞! 干捞的黑酱油调味适中。粉的口感很不错, 我喜欢。 汤清甜,不会死咸。 辣椒属酸性,惯用在牛肉档的。

Auntie也很友善, 有条有理,档口维持的相当卫生。 

Rm 5.00

(Kedai Kopi PKH where the stall is in)

(7-eleven just opposite the coffee shop)

(Next to the coffee shop is Public Bank Building, further down the same road is Singapore Hotel Kluang)

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