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Nan Bei Restoran 南北茶餐室

Nan Bei Restoran 南北茶餐室
Jalan Gaya 1
Taman Gaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia ‎
Approx. Google Maps Coordinates: 1.563421,103.801032
Open: 10am to 9pm. Daily
营业时间:早上 十点 到 晚上 九点。 每天营业。

I was craving for some Dongpo Pork, and remembered a post by Tony of Johor Kaki, about a restaurant that serves this dish. It is situated in Taman Gaya. With Foursquare and Waze set, I set off to try it out.

The interior decor is simple, clean and comfortable. While it is not air-conditioned, I did not feel warm (there is a air-cooler). The owners are amiable and patiently introduced the dishes to me. While waiting for the food, I felt as if I am in Mongolia, because I looked far into the horizon and saw the "Mongolian Yurt" sitting atop a hill. This imagination makes me look forward to the Claypot Mutton.

Dongpo Pork
The meat is so soft that it simply "melts" with the slightest touch, very tasty. The braised gravy is surprisingly weak and the dish is served with very little warmth in it. I was also hoping that the pork will be served with the string still intact and to be cut in front of us. I like that they serve one person portion so that it suits customers that do not want to "overeat" this dish.

Stewed Vegetable
The cabbage has been stewed just right and still has some crunchiness in it. The soup contains the natural sweetness of the cabbage and the flavor of the roasted pork slices.

Claypot Mutton
This dish surprised me with the yummilicious fragrance when the cover is lifted off in front of us. There are mutton, bean curd skin, radish, black fungus and Chinese yam. The soup is slightly peppery and I like this dish very much.

I find the portion of the dishes small here and it suits me well since I like to have room for dessert (at another place). The prices are reasonable.

「黃州好豬肉,價賤如糞土。富者不肯喫,貧者不解煮。慢著火,少著水,火候足時他自美。每日起來打一碗,飽得自家君莫愛。」东坡肉 Wikipedia

我想吃东坡肉,又想起Johor Kaki 的Tony介绍了这么一家 位于Taman Gaya 的餐室, 有卖东坡肉,焖菜(有烧肉片提味)还有没想到的主角,砂煲羊肉。就set 了Foursquare, Waze, 开车去试了。

装潢简单,卫生舒服。 虽然没有冷气, 也不觉得热 (有冷风机)。老板夫妇和蔼可亲,耐心的介绍自家的菜色。 在等上菜的时段, 我仿佛身在蒙古,因为我瞭望对面山丘上的 “蒙古包”, 期待着 [砂煲羊肉]。 

肉嫩到一碰即化,很是入味,很好吃。 可惜的是,卤汁味道不够,肉也不热,只是温温的。 还有,我本以为肉会绑着绳索端上, 然后在面前剪掉。这家好贴心, 有卖一人份的, 不想吃太多的朋友会喜欢。 

白菜焖到恰好,还有一点脆劲, 汤汁含了白菜的甜和烧肉的咸香。

这道菜有惊喜。 锅盖掀开时, 一股香气立即飘满周围。砂煲里有羊肉,豆腐皮,菜头,黑木耳和淮山(山药)。汤有微胡椒的香。我好喜欢这道菜。

份量不大, 正合我意, 留了空间享用甜品 (到别处)。 价钱合理。 

人有悲歡離合 月有陰晴圓缺
此事古難全 但願人長久 千里共嬋娟

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听这首歌最好:        Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久)

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